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Hotel at a Glance: Texas Forest Country Retreat’s Mansion on Sawmill Lake

Left over from a bygone era, this historic mansion was built by a timber baron in the late 1800s when Manning, Texas, was the site of one of the largest southern yellow pine sawmills in the South. Today, Manning is a ghost town, but the mansion remains as a symbol of the time period’s prosperity. This idyllic mansion is full of period furnishings, and overlooks a sprawling estate where guests can stroll among the ruins and around Sawmill Lake.

  • Guest rooms feature antiques and period-appropriate furnishings as well as modern amenities, such as free WiFi.

  • Relax on one of the mansion’s spacious porches or balconies, which look out over the vast property.

  • For a night on the town, head to nearby Lufkin (20 minutes away), home to a historic theater, Naranjo Museum of Natural History, a wonderful zoo, and plenty of antique shops and restaurants.

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Lakeside Bed and Breakfast

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