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GROUPON publish AUM Yoga Swing Inversion Sling

The AUM Yoga Inversion Sling (or Yoga Swing) is a new innovative tool that gives an yoga practitioner a safe and fun way to strengthen each posture. Constructed of a super durable and strong parachute fabric, each swing looks like a hammock but mainly supports your pelvis so that you can move your body horizontally, vertically or upside down by shifting body weight and controlling movement using your hands and feet. You are able to perform virtually any yoga pose with this prop and it will enhance your flexibility by making it easier to hold these positions with the added support. On either side, there are three arm and leg handles at varying heights which will help you achieve these poses. Improve core strength and flexibility while having some fun. Use it indoors or take it with you to the beach or the park. At under 3 lbs, you can take it anywhere and hang it in minutes. Ceiling padeye mount plates sold separately. Holds up to 600lbs of weight.

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AUM Yoga Swing Inversion Sling

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