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Property at a Glance: Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

Lions and tigers, and bears! At Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, this famous list is more than just a movie quote; it’s a list of residents. Guests to this refuge, where rescue and rehabilitation efforts coexist with resort-style safari lodgings, might cross paths with animals ranging from leopards and bobcats to black bears and grizzlies. 

  • Where you’ll stay: Family suites boast decks with great views of the property; adults-only safari lodges are each decorated with art and accents inspired by the animals’ native lands.

  • Habitat tours: Spread across more than 450 acres, the big cat and bear habitats host daily walking tours for guests of the park.

  • Rescue mission: Turpentine Creek provides a lifetime home and care for every animal it rescues; current residents include former pets rescued from more than 10 states across the country.

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Arkansas Wildlife Refuge

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